Filipino artist Perminkun’s realistic drawings of classic Hip Hop album covers. 60% of all profits will be donated to the ‘Empower Filipino Teenage Girl Survivors of Abuse’ program –  a crisis intervention and recovery center for street girls who have been traumatized by multiple kinds of abuse and sexual exploitation.

Indonesia’s EmpTV Choiron drops the first set of his analog realism style 12” pencil artworks for Third World Posse. Check out the precise level of detail with these one of a kind pencil drawings of classic alternative, hard rock, punk and metal albums. 60% of all profits are donated to Help bring Palliative Care to Indonesia’s Children.

Loser Disco drops his first collection of creepy cinemagraphs based on iconic horror movie franchises. 90% of all profits will be donated to the Educating the Slums’ program by Global Giving – helping children living in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh, break the cycle of poverty through education and healthcare.

Felipe Mora’s brutal oil paintings based on Metallica’s first 5 albums. 60% of all profits will be donated to the Children Hospital of San Vicente Foundation to help improve the quality of care and life expectancy of children dealing with cancer in Colombia.

Smooth Taka drops the nostalgic chillwave cassette Self Quarantined right here on Third World Posse. 90% of all profits will be donated to The Freedom Story, a charity who works to prevent and protect vulnerable children from trafficking and sexual exploration in Northern Thailand. Copies are limited to 36.

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